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Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm EDT
million dollars. movie that did even worse, mmgruber. based on the "saturday night live" sketch snl star will play as bumbling operative who tries to bring down a villain bent on world domestic naichlingts i don't uss gun so i use home made explosive i made wiih my oon 2 -- no. no. better not be a joke. >>reporter: it only earned 8 and half million dollars worldwide. ouch. the do nut brother are guaranteed money makers. the disney ccannel movie camp rock 2 the final comes out tomorrow. think of ii as high school musical at summmr camp. catch up on 2 hit cw baltimore shows. super natural season 5 follows 2 ├║bothers and a fallen angel as they take on the devil army. soup natural season premier is september 24th. clark kent tries to embrace calling as hero ii smallville season then. this is now the longest running superman tv series. fantasy ilm high ef make over as well. star dust will -├║be released on blue ray. that's the low down. >>> many yet another judge saying so long to "american idol"after months off% speculation kara confirms she's eaving the rogram. her ddparture follows simon
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1